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Tips to Achieving Work-life Balance for Mothers

Tips to Achieving Work-life Balance for Mothers

A mother’s job has always been challenging, and that is heightened by the fact that a working mother has to do more than just that. You can never truly comprehend the challenges they face unless you are one yourself. Whether they live in a rural or urban setting, mothers continue to battle to achieve a work/life balance. Unfortunately, there is seldom a balance that can be reached. A mother who excels in the office seldom has time for her children. And when she wants to be the perfect mother, her work takes a back seat. We have compiled a list to make work-life balance a little easier for every mother.

The Mornings

You can make the most of your mornings by getting up a bit early and going for a walk with the kids. Then, prepare a tasty morning meal for them and your partner.

Making time for breakfast with your family is not easy, but it would mean a great deal for them if you could schedule some time with them. Have a quick chat with them before they leave for school.


Consider writing down your tasks for the day and prioritize them accordingly. You should choose the part of the day you feel most motivated and spend your most valuable time there.

You don’t want to miss your kid’s sports day for some boring meeting. Set an agenda for what must be accomplished and work accordingly.

Even when you feel distracted, try to complete the rest of your tasks. By accomplishing your to-do list, you feel less stressed and more confident.

Avoid Distractions

Social media has greatly increased the amount of time that most women spend on their mobile phones. Therefore, you should avoid using your mobile during your most productive hours unless your work requires it. Build focus, and complete your tasks.

Your eyes and mind can be quickly fatigued when spending long hours in front of a screen due to work. Take short breaks and refrain from engaging in screen-related activities. You may consider spending time with your family over a phone call if you’re stressed. Give yourself a cup of tea and let your eyes cool off with a splash of water. Make sure you don’t lose track of your time over this.

Seek Support

You may consider discussing your situation with your boss. In today’s world, organizations are very helpful and understanding. It is simply a matter of letting them know about your problems.

Stay present-minded and don’t ruminate over the situation. For example, when your son is sick, inform your boss about his sickness and help your child. You don’t want to sit at your desk contemplating your son’s plight and regretting you weren’t there for him.

Family Time

  • Stick to your regular vacation schedule and enjoy your family time. Do not disappoint your family with sudden office visits. Learn to say NO to your boss.
  • Make time for social and family gatherings. Be sure to soak up the love and peace with your kids and partner.
  • Take your kids out and teach them values at every chance you get. For instance, You can educate them about sustainability by purchasing Organic clothes.
  • Get early from work and cook dinner with your partner. He will love it! Spend some time with your kids over dinner and ask them about their day. You will be amazed at how much they are willing to tell you about their day, as it would mean a great deal to them.
  • Surprise your kids by picking them up after school and taking them to a park or somewhere they enjoy.
  • In some cases, when you can’t make it to your kids, comfort them by gifting their favorite baby hoodie as a way to make amends.
  • It is important to accept and realize that you cannot have everything. There are times when family needs to be prioritized over everything else.

Self Care

Mothers often lose sight of their own needs during the whirlwind of parenting. Taking care of yourself is very important. Mind and body in good health can accomplish more. Make your health a priority! Be sure to stay hydrated, eat fresh fruits, salads, and you deserve to reward yourself with the things you love. Don’t forget to laugh more frequently. The time you spend with your family can significantly improve your mental and emotional health.

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