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Why Is Fashion Always Changing?

Why Is Fashion Always Changing?

The word fashion means the styles which are trending in your time. These trends primarily include apparel, jewelry, shoes, and hairstyles. The styles of clothes hanging in your one door wardrobe may be of your own choice, but these clothes are there just because of the fashion trends. Fashion never remains the same; it keeps on changing now and then. The only thing about fashion which does not change is that fashion constantly changes. The same trends which were famous ten years back are now are a history in the fashion world.

Why Fashion Change?

The slim-fit pair of jeans hanging in your closet is in fashion today, but do you know that it was not the same few years back. In 1970 bell-bottomed jeans were the most popular fashion. In 1980 the fashion trend changed, and the parachute pants by Michael Jackson were in the top trends. Now, these top fashions of the past are not on the list of modern fashion. These are outdated. So the question is, why do fashion changes? Why can’t we wear the same pair of bell-bottomed jeans famous in 1970? The answer is people like change, and they want new styles other than their predecessors were following. It’s a human need that does not want to stay in the same style for years.  New people want new styles and fashion. Changing in fashion has historical, psychological, and sociological reasons.

New Trends Influence People

People like to look fabulous and fashionable. They try to follow all the trends and styles of their time for a better appearance. Some people spend hours searching for fashion to adopt new styles, but from where and new fashion trends come. Fashion comes from royalty, famous musicians, popular sportspersons and electronic media. The trends which come from these famous sportspersons and popular musicians become a fashion. These style icons or celebrities are trendsetters because they have many followers who like to follow them.  People love their stars and like to follow their style, which becomes the most popular fashion.

Brands Competiton Keep Changing Fashion Trends

Most of these trends are in the form of clothing and hairstyles. Because clothing has an important place in our life, it’s the expression of our likes and dislikes. So we can see thousands of clothing brands working and selling new fashion and trends with every passing day. To increase their sales, brands marketing policies are becoming ridiculous. They always try to introduce some new fashion styles to stand apart in ever-changing trend competition. This trend-changing race has become much faster now because the style icons face too much competition, and they always try to change their angle to maintain their popularity.

Ever-changing Global Fashion Trends

Today world has become a global village, so fashion trends quickly reach consumers in all parts of the world. The global fashion industry keeps on changing, affecting the world’s fashion trends, which makes fashion a need for the consumers to keep buying goods that meet the new fashion trends and often have less shelf life. Online marketing has made this even faster. Now one can easily search for new trending fashion on the Internet and adopt them.

Social Media Influence Modern Fashion

Modern fashion is much faster, and the reason is social media influencers. Trends are setting and changing now and then. These fashion bloggers and influencers are sharing pictures of their fashion by every new second. Today fashion has become a personal genre and is no longer bound by cultural or social trends. Today personal style is fashion and people like it more. Modern fashion is trendless and more dependent on personal likes and dislikes. Online media still influences personal fashion, but still, people are not just bound to follow trends that they do not admire. The truth is that Hollywood stars do not bind modern fashion. Now blogging and social media have given the right to ordinary people groups to show their fashion to the world. But this also starts the competition among people to present their personal styles in more glamorous ways.


Fashion trends keep changing in human history, but what happens in the last 50 years is unthinkable. It affects human life badly as the race of ever-changing trends has affected the concept of a happy life. Internet and social media play most important role here. The Internet provides all details of new fashion, and social media’s marketing strategies have made people much more fashion-conscious. Which is suitable for brands and retailers, but the economic health of consumers has deteriorated. People are now unconsciously and consciously being forced to spend more and more to follow new changing fashion trends.  Fashion is not just about expensive brand dresses; it is about how to carry your style. Keeping yourself updated is not wrong but following these fast-changing fashions is absurd.

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