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Why Don’T They Infected by Corona, Even if They Are Staying Together?

Infected by CoronaVirus, Even if They Are Staying Together?

There is no relief in the New Year. Another sort of Covid, the ammonia virus, has spread around the world. People of different ages are being infected with this virus in different countries.

However, some people are in relative comfort. There are some people who are not infected with the coronavirus, even though they have a significant risk of becoming infected. And this time the researchers have started research with them. (News from CNBC)

Suppose the husband is infected with the coronavirus. Toya is also healthy as his wife is by his side all the time. Again, there are couples, the husband adheres to strict isolation, the wife does not even go near, yet is infected with corona.

Many workers have been infected with corona more than once, despite adhering to all the rules of hygiene such as masks and sanitizers in the workplace.

Again, some workers are healthy without heeding the hygiene rules. Although many people around are affected by Corona, they are still healthy.

Researchers say that this could be due to a number of factors. The coronavirus cannot control the body’s immune system, the presence of certain genes, or those who have previously been infected with the same virus.

However, researchers are reluctant to make a final decision at this stage of the study. Infectious disease specialists are conducting further research on such people

High ‘T Cells’:

Danny Altman, an immunologist at Imperial College London, told CNBC that people with high levels of T cells (immune cells) had a lower risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

Riya Kundu, a researcher at the National Heart and Lungs Institute in Imperial, said: We’re trying to figure out why.

Kundu added that this is one of the important reasons why some people are protected from corona. However, this is not the only reason to get protection.

It is not yet time to think that those who are more prone to colds or have more “T cells” have a lower risk of coronary heart disease. The only way to protect against corona is to take two doses and a booster vaccine.

Scott Gottlieb Lawrence Young, a teacher in the Department of Molecular Oncology at the University of Warwick, told CNBC last Wednesday that once the corona is infected with the Omicron type, immunity will not be effective for very long.

However, research is being done on people who have been exposed to corona in their families and workplaces but have never been infected with corona.

About 20 per cent of them have developed immunity due to common cold and fever. However, vaccines play a major role in preventing coronary heart disease.


Effectiveness of Vaccine:

Two doses of corona vaccine and booster dose can prevent serious illness and death in hospital. However, the vaccine does not provide 100% protection against coronavirus infection.

Andrew Friedman, an infectious disease specialist at Cardiff University Medical School, told CNBC that whether or not some people have coronary heart disease is related to being vaccinated or having previously been infected with coronary heart disease.

“We know that many people are getting infected with Omicron even after taking two doses of vaccine and a booster dose,” he said. However, there is no denying that the vaccine has an effect.

Young of Warwick University, however, says that the common cold-fever combined with immunity and vaccine protection reduce the risk of re-infection in some people’s corona.

Effects of Special Genes:

Genetic factors may also play a role in preventing coronary heart disease. Suppose two people are infected with corona. One of them may have many more symptoms. Again one can be asymptomatic. This may be due to genetic traits.

Altman of Imperial College told CNBC on Wednesday that their research on immunogenetics would be published soon. The study will look at the relationship between genes and disease resistance. The relationship depends on the symptoms of corona or corona without symptoms.

The study focused on the HLA (white blood cell antigen) gene. This gene is associated with symptomatic or asymptomatic corona. Altman added that the higher the HLA-DRB1302 gene, the higher the risk of coronary heart disease.

Research Process:

Imperial and several research institutes conducted research on 36 people. These 36 people have been exposed to coronavirus. However, half of them have been infected with corona.

A small amount of coronavirus was injected into the noses of 36 participants in the study. After that, doctors and health workers closely monitored them for two weeks.

In two weeks, 18 people became infected with the coronavirus. Mild symptoms occurred in 18 people. These included colds, coughs and sore throats. These 16 people develop these symptoms within an average of 42 hours.

Coronavirus has been found in some people for five days. Coronavirus has been found in some of them for 9 days. In some cases, coronavirus has been found for a maximum of 12 days. More viruses were found in the throat within 40 hours of injecting the virus through the nose.

After coming in contact with the rest of the coronavirus, the researchers found different reasons by conducting separate studies.

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