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Which Main Things to Consider While Installing the Multi-Zone Mini Split AC

Which Main Things to Consider While Installing the Multi-Zone Mini Split AC

Gone are the days when people used to be happy with a window air conditioner. More and more individuals are now interested in installing multi-zone, mini-split air conditioning  Also called a ductless air conditioner, the system offers increased energy efficiency, more temperature control, various placement, and installation options, among other benefits.

What are the cons or the points that might not favor the installation of such systems? Will you end up paying a lot of money for just some comforts? As the demand for multi-zone, mini-split ACs increases, there are more reasons to understand the real benefits after careful consideration.

Before buying a multi-zone, mini-split AC system.

1. Plan the areas that need to be cooled and the BTUs

If you are planning to buy a multi-zone, mini-split air conditioning system, plan it well – map out the areas that need cooling, the size of the room, the probable distance from the exterior unit, etc. Also, discuss the BTUs – how many do you need, the design and installation options, etc. with an expert HVAC technician offering top air conditioner installation in Newport Beach.

2. Budget

It is not just about the costs of the unit but there are other direct and indirect expenses such as the installation costs, the energy costs, and any upgrades or structural revisions you need to do on the walls or ceilings.

Note down the maintenance costs and how much you would be spending over a year or two in comparison to other AC options. Compare it with the benefits you gain such as energy savings, any tax credits offered in your city, etc. Proper budgeting would help you make a better decision.

3. Placement of Outdoor Unit

You need to make provisions in advance about installing the outdoor unit of your multi-zone mini-split air conditioning system. The outdoor unit must be placed on a flat and rigid surface, and should not be exposed to the excessive heat coming from the kitchen chimney or another electronic or heating system.

The distance of interior units from the exterior unit also decides the length and pricing of tubing and other materials that connect the indoor units with the outdoor unit. An HVAC technician from a top air conditioner installation Newport Beach company will offer you expert guidance on all matters.

4. Call an Expert

As per rules and regulations, you need a licensed and certified technician to install your multi-zone, mini-split air conditioning system.

There are many compliance matters to consider such as code compliance. Also, everything from connections with electrical systems to placement of the units needs to be managed per specifications. Hire Qualified Professionals for Proper Installation of Air Conditioner and to manage the whole process.

5. Take Note of your Room Layout, Structure, and its Size

The most important thing to consider before buying a multi-split mini air conditioner is to be aware of the room where you want to install your system. Make a good estimate of each room’s cooling needs, its total size and cooling area; as mini-split systems are configured with varying heating and cooling capabilities.

Mini-split systems are not ideal for all room sizes – for example an open plan floor that has room areas without doors.

6. Star Rating and Reviews Matter

While selecting your multi-zone, mini-split air conditioner model or brand, make sure you check the star rating and other reviews from the customers. A better or higher star rating will ensure that you are purchasing a better quality system compared to the other items in the market.

Also, a good rating means that the working performance and other features are satisfactory without any sort of complaints.

Some Advantages of Buying a Multi-Split Air Conditioner

These days multi-zone, mini-split air conditioners have become the most in-demand and ideal air conditioners for modern apartments and homes. The specific advantages are worth noting:

Very Easy Installation

The installation of conventional and centralized air conditioners is quite time-consuming. Often the processes are complicated and the efficiency of the ductwork installation and the various connections needs to be ensured through multiple checks. In the case of mini-split air conditioners, no special ducts are needed. The steps are much fewer, making the overall installation process very easy.

Better Air Quality

Ductless or mini-split mini air conditioners are fitted with special and sophisticated filtration tools which can be washed, cleansed, and dusted easily. This in turn throws out fresh air and thus maintains the quality of the air which is much better than the normal air conditioners.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Regular air conditioners are somewhat inefficient as compared to mini-split air conditioners which use vents and ducts to distribute the air. When you replace an old centralized or conventional air conditioning system with a multi-zone, mini-split air conditioning system, you can even cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.

Low Installation Charges

The installation charges in the case of the multi-zone, mini-split air conditioners are relatively less as compared to the regular ones. The mini-split air conditioners do not require any specific ducts or vents which is why the setting up costs and labor costs are minimal, which cuts down the overall installation charges.


Mini-split air conditioning systems are a great choice for energy-saving and efficiency. They also come with heating options. These systems are also much quieter. The multi-zone cooling options allow you much more control over managing your home cooling needs. You only cool the area or room you want and do waste energy cooling areas you’re not in – which is not the case with centralized systems.

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