5 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy

5 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy

To keep your dog healthy, you must start at a young age. Your dog is a living being, and like all living beings, the dog is subject to its outer environment. So it can get sick, get fat etc. Here are 5 tips to keep your dog healthy as long as possible.

1. Tips to Get Your Dog Vaccinated

The first thing to do when he gets home is a visit to the vet as soon as possible to plan his vaccines. One visit per year will be welcome, especially when doggie will take spring.

2. Protect Your Dog from Ticks and Other Critters

Consider regularly deworming it, and protect it from external parasites. There are parasites of dogs that are transmissible to humans and are dangerous. You must deworm your dog twice a year minimum.

Ticks also are dangerous, they transmit the piroplasmids to your dog. A disease that develops between 2 to 15 days. The dog is then very depressed and feverish and often does not eat anymore. If your dog is not cared for, the disease is deadly.

3. Education to Prevent Accidents

The first steps in his life as a family dog ? will be done by a good education, rigorous enough the first six months of his life so that nothing happens to him during the 15 years to come.

A well-educated dog will be a joy for all and safety for his good health. Prefer the recall, the immediate stoppage, do not accept that he begins at the table, always to prevent him from getting sick, becoming fat.

4. Good Diet for Your Dog

Good Diet for Your Dog

Ask for advice for his diet, your veterinarian will be the most empowered to answer you. An obese dog will not be healthy, and denying him the piece of sugar or cake, is not being mean to him, on the contrary, his life will be better if he does not eat what he does not need your veterinarian will guide you to what will suit your pet.

You will put a bowl of fresh water within his reach, you will give him regularly his meals, morning or evening. A dog takes 14 hours to digest, so do not feed it more than necessary.

Everything your dog needs is in specially made foods for them. You can also make his meals but you will have to know the right quantities.

5. Try Playing with Your Dog

For your dog’s to be good healthy, needs regular outings for his needs, but also a long walk in the woods or in the parks, so that he runs away.  Personally, I practice can cross and I do agility.

So Freebie runs off running and he is quiet at home. And especially to make your pet happy, do not put a Saint-Bernard in an apartment of 60 m². A big dog needs space.

Do not be mistaken about the breed of dogs when choosing it, this also will play on the health of your little doggie.

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