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The Benefits of Food Stamps Are Growing Again

The Benefits of Food Stamps Are Growing Again

From now on, users will be able to purchase food from restaurants with the Food Stamp (Food Assistance) card. A law has been passed in New York City in this regard.

The bill, passed in the Rajya Sabha on October 4, was approved by Governor Kathy Haqul. Once the proposal is approved by the federal government, food stamp recipients known as Snap will be able to purchase food not only from grocery stores but also from restaurants.

Due to the Corona epidemic, government food aid has been increased for low-income people. A family of four is now paid ৫ 835 a month. Food stamp recipients can use it to buy food items with the help of money given monthly through a card. Food stamp recipients could not pay the price of food prepared from the restaurant with a food stamp card as it was considered a luxury to eat at a restaurant.

Many food stamp recipients, along with state restaurant owners, have been pleased with the passage of the new law in New York State. The epidemic is making it difficult for many elderly and sick people to go to the grocery store to shop. There was no opportunity to pay the bill from the food stamp card when ordering food in the restaurant due to an emergency.

Signing the law, Governor Kathy Haqul said that organizations ranging from the state health department to those working with people at risk of food insecurity will now be able to easily buy food made with snap cards. Initiatives have also been taken to revive the epidemic-ridden restaurant business through the implementation of this law. In Western culture, eating at restaurants is not a luxury, many people prefer to eat at restaurants most of the week. The lower and middle-income people who received food stamps were deprived of restaurant food.

As a result of increasing the benefits of food stamps, it is expected that food stamp recipients will be able to get restaurant food within reach from now on. Although the amount of food stamps has increased due to the epidemic, Governor Kathy Haqul said the amount of increased food stamps has not decreased easily.

The New York City Hospitality Alliance and restaurant owners’ association have welcomed the new law.

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