Take Care of Your Dog’S Right and Healthful

Take Care of Your Dog’S Right and Healthful

It is never too late, even if your dog is already adult! The “Happy and Clean” method is based on positive reinforcement. The principle which consists of reinforcing the good actions of the dog by a positive element.

You will have no trouble making you understand your dog. This principle works on all dogs, no matter their ages. Each step is detailed in a clear, simple and precise way. You will simply apply my advice to your situation and you will get results quickly.

Whether it is a puppy of age to learn cleanliness or an older dog who has taken bad habits, you will find in this training the suitable solution. The method detailed therein applies to all dogs, regardless of size, race, sex or age.

What Are the Major Stages of Training?

1. Learn how to define the correct “Toilet” area. You will learn how to correctly define the sleeping place of your puppy and the place where it should eliminate whether you are in-house or apartment.

2. Identify the times when the puppy will do his or her needs. Finished the nasty surprises, you will quickly recognize the signals that tell you that the puppy will need it.

3. Watch your puppy and be ready to go out. Should he go out with his puppy? How to reward him when he does his needs outdoors? How to be always ready? This part is very important.

4. Go out with his puppy or dog. What type of walk? And how often? How well reward it when it’s outdoors?

5. Discover the “Double Rewards” or how to reward his dog or puppy when he properly eliminate outdoors. Because two rewards are better than one, learn the technique that will speed up learning by two or three.

Choose the one that suits you the most.

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