Open Letter to USA Congress, Princess of Britse

Open Letter to USA Congress, Princess of Britse

The Duchess of Sussex Megan Merkel has written an open letter to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles Sumer. In the letter, Megan said family leave, including pay, should be a national right after the birth of a child. She is writing this letter as an ordinary citizen and as a mother.
News AFP.

“I am not an elected official,” Merkel said in a letter to the US Congress on Wednesday. Not even a politician. I am a citizen and mother of children like everyone else. ‘

Megan added in the letter that they were as happy as any other parent after the birth of their child. They did not have to return to work after the birth of the child. But very few parents get this opportunity. Those who do not drink, they have to read in difficult situations. Lilibet, the second daughter of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel, was born 20 weeks ago. He also has another two-year-old child named Archie.

In the letter, as a mother, Megan spoke in favor of paid leave after childbirth. The issue is being debated in the US Congress. Merkel said those who do not get paid leave have to struggle with child care, work and health care.

Megan said family vacations, including paid births in the United States, should not be limited to certain institutions and states. Rather it should be a national right.

The United States is one of the few countries in the world where paid maternity leave is not guaranteed.

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