Journey by WeDevs – In Search of Happy Company

Journey by WeDevs - In Search of Happy Company

After the start of Covid-19, many businesses in the country and abroad started closing down. Within a few days, many organizations began to lay off their employees, and large offices began to close. Punctuation marks fall on the initiative of some people. On the other hand, the tide of expansion is flowing in the IT based institutions. At this time, the world’s established organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet or Zoom — all have multiplied several times during this time. The growth of IT companies is not only global but also local. This is the Bangladeshi organization WeDevs. The institution of two graduates of Rajshahi University has grown almost two and a half times during this period. Some of their products have become the number one in the world!

E-commerce has grown the most during the Covid-19 period. The vast majority of global sales are now on the Internet. Some of the sellers are reaching out directly to the buyers by opening a Facebook page or creating a website. Or some going to an online marketplace or a department store on the Internet. Like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, we also have Rokmari, Priyashop or AjkerDeal. And IT entrepreneurs are working hard to solve these e-commerce sites or marketplaces. One-third of the world’s websites, or 34 percent, rely heavily on WordPress for easy website creation. And with this WordPress comes a solution called Plugins to make a website a news portal (like the Washington Post, Pandulipe) or a marketplace (like a PriyoShop, Jakjamok).

The most popular active and functional of the many WordPress based vendor marketplaces is called ‘Shop’. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Jakjamok can be easily created with Shop Solutions. And it was made by Nizam-Tariq’s Bangladeshi initiative WeDevs. In 2019, the number of e-commerce in the shop was 20,000. Now it has increased to 60 thousand! These include online product retailers such as Bootstrap, Mash.I, My Muslim Mall, e-commerce like Design Boom, art culture marketplaces like Play The Movie, coral retailer shops like Coral Community or markets like Hook and Pedals in England. In addition to the simplicity, hassle-free system, and round-the-clock support, in the words of the Co-Founder of Hook & Pedal, the store is so popular because it has ‘all in one place to make the marketplace bigger’.

Mohammad Nizam Uddin, co-founder of WeDevs, said, “In the last two years, we have turned” shop “into a complete solution. The store now has Android and iOS apps, showing user data that is being analyzed using analytics. ‘

Small entrepreneurs also need simple marketing solutions. So WeDevs has created an e-mail marketing solution – Wmail. About 10,000 companies are doing e-mail marketing at a cost of 1 percent to 10 percent more than the world’s most popular e-mail solution MailChimp with WeMail. With this, any entrepreneur or organization can get their e-mail marketing work done.

I spoke to Nizam Uddin and Tareq Hasan for this report last October. Both are currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. They have recently set up bases in Europe and North America with the goal of expanding their business. The company has registered.

Tareq Hasan said that besides the shop, another popular WordPress based e-solution is WPERP. There is an ERP solution for human resource management, customer management, payroll, accounting and 22 modules, which is used by more than 10,000 organizations around the world in their daily work.

Nizam Uddin said, they have two versions of all the products. There are many benefits to the free version. And whatever you buy, it has many additional benefits.

The software of Nizam and Tareq’s organization is now being translated into different languages. Such stores have so far been translated into 43 languages ​​and WPERP into 22 languages. Although many translations are still incomplete. Volunteers from different languages ​​are doing these translations.

Nizam and Tareq started making their own products while studying computer science at Rajshahi University. They did not have to look back as some of their WordPress-based plugins started selling. After passing in 2013, he came to Dhaka and established WeDevs.

Anyone will be fascinated by the environment of the two offices of WeDevs in Mirpur. After entering the office, playing table tennis in the artificial grass play-zone or working on the laptop while lying on the grass, you may feel that you have come to the wrong place. During the Corona period, their office has expanded from 4,000 square feet to 9,000 square feet. The workforce has increased to hundreds. According to Tareq-Nizam, their workers are their real wealth. For this, even if there is a startup, there is a system of provident fund and gratuity for the employees, there is also a system of profit sharing. Tours inside and outside the country for staff, family get-together etc.


In addition to stores and ERP, they have products like WordPress based project manager, Windows, user frontend. In addition, during this coronal period, Apsero has been created, which makes it easy for those who create plugins or templates like them to monitor and deploy licenses to their customers. In the meantime, its users have exceeded thousands.

In addition, Tareq-Nizam is working on a blockchain-based decentralized personal growth platform. They are also working to bring more than two thousand suggestions in 23 languages ​​under one umbrella. Nizam is hopeful that the platform will be open in a few months.

Nizam Uddin and Tareq Hasan want to continue the trend of making world class software from Bangladesh in the coming days as well as work on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data. In addition to the various challenges, they want to keep their employees happy, they want to make WeDevs the world’s No. 1 happiest organization.

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