How To Hunt A Deer – Beginners Guide

How To Hunt A Deer

Hunt A Deer

Hunting doesn’t mean trophy hunting only. A lot of us hunts to hold the family tradition. A lot of us hunts to provide for their family. Deer hunting can be done as trophy hunting or food source hunting as well. 


Every year a lot of beginners tend to think it is super easy to hunt a deer. Just aim and shoot. If only it was that easy. In this guide, I will try to help you get better at deer hunting. Sit tight, relax, and enjoy the read. There are two famous deer hunting techniques. Still-hunting and stand-hunting.

  • Still-Hunting: The art of stalking. In this technique, you stalk the deer for as long as it requires. You need to find the best possible shot and seize the opportunity.
  • Stand-hunting: You stand with your gun and wait for the deer to run in front of you. This one needs a lot of experience in my opinion. If you are not used to shooting at a moving target you can’t hunt with this method.

If you are a beginner I recommend still-hunting. 


Stalking Deer And Stand Placement


Human scent

Unlike humans, deers have enhanced smell. They can smell unfamiliar things from a faraway and start acting defensively. There are tons of products that help you hide your odor and take the smell away.


You also need to have the wind in your favor. If the wind is moving forward of you, then a deer can smell you before you notice the deer. Use scent block products to solve this issue.


Best time to hunt

Typically the best time to hunt a deer is in early mornings and late afternoon.


Because deer tends to move to their home during that time. You need to keep in mind whether your local area allows you to hunt at that hour. Not every region allows hunting when it becomes dark.


When I hunt during the mornings I stay on standby 30 mins before the legal shooting hour begins. 

I don’t waste any ammo during that time or giveaway my position. 



Thanks to this trick I was able to have a high success rate on my hunting session most of the time. This doesn’t mean that you overlook mid-day opportunities. If you have read some other articles then you know all of them to intend to emphasize early mornings and late afternoons. 


But deer is not an animal that tends to stay in one place for a long time. If you look for them during the day you will find them at any hour of the day. 


You just have to keep your patience.


Best Season

The best time to hunt for deer is during the rut. The rut is called the deer breeding season. But you have to abide by the rules. You can’t just go on and kill the first deer you see.


When the rut begins it is best to go hunting in the first two-three days. During this time the deers won’t be accustomed to hunting and they won’t be that wary of it either. But when the season proceeds more people will come and the deers will be more aware of your positioning.


If you are getting into deer hunting I hope that you have enough patience. Patience is a virtue. Your success will highly depend on how patient you were.

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