How to Get Better At Skateboarding – 6 Tips for Success

How to Get Better At Skateboarding

Learning how to get better at skateboarding can be one of the most rewarding challenges. Getting better means making more friends, having fun, and feeling better about yourself overall. Our guide gives you 6 awesome tips to get you improving faster than ever before.

We’ll look at the physical and mental aspects of taking up this challenge. By the end of the article, you’ll be well-equipped and inspired to get back out there and start improving!

Let’s get into the guide.

How to Get Better At Skateboarding

This section will go a little more into the specifics behind each tip. As a general reminder, just remember that improving at anything takes time, dedication, and patience.

Before getting back on your board though, take some time to make sure that your gear is up to scratch. Check your helmet to see that it’s in good condition. Make sure your elbow and knee pads are comfortable and fit well.

Check that your board still has a good grip on the upper-side and that it runs smoothly. Lastly, ensure your shoes fit well and still have a good grip on the soles.

Let’s get into the tips!

Tip 1: Spend More Time on Your Board

This is a simple and often overlooked tip. The most reliable way to improve your skating is to spend more time on your board.

Here’s what that might look like:

  • Skating to the park instead of riding a bike
  • Skating around the neighborhood once a day
  • Going to the shop on your board when you need to pick up something small

These are just a few examples and I’m sure you can come up with a couple more that apply to your situation.

Spending more time on your board will help you improve your balance and get you mentally prepared for doing your first tricks. It’s just going to take a little time.

Tip 2: Join In With Other Skaters

This is a double win for you. You’ll make a bunch of like-minded friends and you’ll get some inspiration along the way. It’s up to you how you put this tip into practice. “Joining” other skaters might mean watch the pros do their thing online.

Try to link up with other skaters when you head to the park. Find some that are slightly higher level than you are and try to mimic some of their skills. You’ll quickly pick up new techniques and tricks that you can work into your private practice schedule.

That leads us to the next tip…

Tip 3: Ease Yourself into New Tricks and Techniques

The key principle here is to NOT RUSH. Rushing through the learning curve is a sure-fire way to get hurt or put off. It’s better to ease into the new skills and work your way up gradually.

Start off learning your tricks and skills slowly. You’ll thank me for this later on when you have a clean technique. Bad habits are stubborn and difficult to correct.

Bonus Tip: Don’t take on tricks and techniques that are too far above your level. You’ll just end up discouraged, or worse.

Tip 4: Set Goals for Your Practice Times

Be intentional! Set goals for your practice sessions. Don’t just go out there doodle about – have a plan. This can be as simple as saying you’ll practice a particular trick or jump until you can do it successfully 3 times in a row.

The specific goals you set will depend on your level of advancement and how comfortable you are. As you learn how to get better in skateboarding, you’ll have a better grasp of what it’ll practically take to get over a plateau.

Tip 5: Work On Your Weaknesses

You know the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” – this is true for skateboarding. Give yourself time to focus on and work through your weaker points. You can include these weak workouts into your sessions from Tip 4.

Your overall confidence and capability will improve as you start to strengthen your weakest areas. You’ll become a better-rounded skater as a result.

Tip 6: Take a Day Off

This is one of the most ignored tips when it comes to learning how to get better at skateboarding fast.

Taking a day off can give you a much-needed perspective and let you reset. This will help your motivation and desire to keep learning and help you better harness your creativity.

Not to mention, it’ll also give your body a rest. Skating can be hard on you, so a rest once in a while is always a good thing.

How to Get Better Balance for Skateboarding

I wanted to give this its section as it’s a common issue that you’re likely to come across while learning how to get better at skateboarding.

Here’s a drill that you can use to improve your balance:

  • Fill a 2-liter bottle with water
  • Get a skateboard without wheels (just the board)
  • Lie the bottle on its side
  • Place the board across the bottle
  • Put all your weight on the board
  • Try to move back and forth while staying balanced

Remember that balance is tied to muscle memory. This means that the single best way to improve your balance is to build up muscle memory while on your board – skating.

There is no substitute for spending time skating on your board with your gear on. You get good at balancing and into doing tricks in no time.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ve picked up a thing or two from this guide. I hope that the tips I’ve given you will motivate and equip you to get on your board and start improving.

Take everything you’ve learned about how to get better at skateboarding and put it into practice – you’ll be where you want to be in no time!


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