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6 Common Air Conditioner Issues and How to Resolve Them

Common Air Conditioner Issues and How to Resolve Them

Like any other equipment, efficient maintenance of your AC is essential to perform at their best. In warm weather, they are an absolute necessity, and air conditioners that are not in good condition are the most difficult to handle.

If you’ve already spent a warm summer in your home or office in San Diego, CA, with no air conditioners, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Don’t put the comfort of your summer at risk! Take a look over here to get air conditioning repair experts in El Cajon, and have a pleasant summer.

Before you resolve the issues created by air conditioners, it’s essential to know the common ones that your air conditioner can face. So, tighten your seat belt and drive through the 6 common air conditioner issues and also the tips to resolve them.

Top 6 Problems With Air Conditioning

1. Extremely Little Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the substance that is used in your air conditioning unit to eliminate heat and humidity from your residence or office. If the refrigerant lines in your system develop leaks, you may not have enough refrigerant to cool your space adequately.

Unfortunately, the only cure to this problem is not to replace the refrigerant but also to find out the leaks and repair the holes in the pipes. However, it requires an HVAC repair professional as doing it by yourself can be a time-consuming and costly task, especially if there are several leaks. Is your AC not giving cool air? Certainly, there is no refrigerant available in your AC due to some leakage. Fix it as soon as possible by calling an expert air conditioning repair technician in El Cajon to avoid the discomfort of hot summer.

2. Malfunctioned Coils And Ducts

The air-conditioner evaporator coil is packed with coolant and acts like a sponge responsible for collecting heat from the air. Although it may seem counterintuitive, those coils require warm air to function correctly. When something disrupts the airflow and the evaporator coil becomes too cold, ice can form outside. Of course, when this occurs, you will require air conditioning repair services in San Diego, CA.

The cool air of the air conditioner is supplied throughout your room by a duct running through your walls and ceilings. However, if the ducts have holes or cracks, that costly chilled air will end up inside your walls. This scenario, definitely, makes your air conditioner work harder and raises your energy expenditures.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

The heat taken from the air is thrown outside the building by the condenser coils, which are part of the outside unit. It will not work properly if dirt and filth cover the condenser spiral. With all of the dirt and pollution in the air, this is a pretty prevalent condition in San Diego, CA. This hinders heat transmission, which results in increased damage of the parts and potential system failure. This means that your device needs to work harder to do its job. For such a situation, you need air conditioning repair services in San Diego, CA.

4. Problems With The Fans

A supply blows air over the evaporator coil of your unit. In contrast, the other blows air from the condenser. If those fans do not function correctly due to a faulty engine, shortage of oil, damaged belts, or too much dust, you will suffer inadequate airflow and air-conditioner problems. If you ignore the issue, it could lead to compressor failure, which is usually the end of your air conditioner’s life.

5. Issues In The Thermostat

It’s conceivable that your old dial-type thermostats are out of calibration, preventing your air conditioner from receiving the necessary commands from the control system. You may simply fix this issue by changing or recalibrating your thermostats. If you have recently purchased programmable thermostats, they may have been set incorrectly. Check the instructions in the manual to ensure your thermostat settings are accurate.

6. Blocked Drains

All of the moisture in the air that your air conditioner eliminates has to go somewhere. It’s intended to be drained out of the room via a drain line, into a pan, and then passing through a drain. Water might back up and damage your system if the line or drain becomes clogged or the pan becomes full. Also, water leaks may wreak havoc on your wall, floors, and furniture. Mold will ultimately grow if you don’t notice it soon.

To avoid this problem, we recommend you to take the simple measures mentioned below:

Simple Measures To Avoid Air Conditioner Problems

1. Replacement Of Dirty Air Filters

Usually, obstructed air filters cause problems in airflow that result in the freezing of coils. So, it’s better to replace dirty air filters to avoid problems.

2. Inspect Ducts For Holes And Fix Them

If it appears that there isn’t enough air coming from your air conditioner, or your energy bills continue to rise, you may need air conditioning repair in San Diego, CA.  In such instances, your ducts should be checked by an HVAC professional.

3. Install And Learn How To Use A Programmable Thermostat

Replace outdated control systems with more accurate and energy-saving modern thermostats. You can remotely control modern thermostats using your smartphone or tablet.

4. Remove Brush And Debris From The Area Of The Outdoor Unit

When there is clogging in the condenser and exterior fan unit due to leaves, debris, and dirt, they can’t discharge heat efficiently. You should remove debris from the area of the outdoor unit.

5. Don’t Skip Regular Maintenance

You can nearly eradicate the frequent reasons for air conditioner failures with regular maintenance. Before turning on your system for the first time in the spring, call an HVAC professional in EI Cajon to inspect and tune it up.

Summing It Up

Lastly, collaborating with an expert air conditioning repair company in San Diego, CA, will help you get efficient maintenance at a cost-effective price. Ideally, you should sign up with them for a yearly service contract that offers you the best rate on air conditioner maintenance. Not every contract is suitable for every individual requirement. Make sure it’s tailored to your specific requirements and equipment once you need air conditioning repair services in San Diego, CA.

If you’re asked to sign a contract in which you can’t comprehend what’s covered, ask the service providers. Reputable service providers ensure that you get extensive information about the contract, which you’re going to sign up for.

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