Biden’s Big Win in the Trillion Dollar Bill Pass

Biden’s Big Win in the Trillion Dollar Bill Pass

US President Joe Biden’s 1.2 trillion infrastructure law passed in the House of Representatives by 228-207 votes.

Despite much opposition, the US House of Representatives has passed a 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure law by US President Joe Biden. Under this liberal program, extensive construction and reconstruction work will be started across the country.

According to a CNN report, the Democratic Party passed the bill on Friday, local time, after tensions between members of the Democratic Party. The law proposal was passed in the House of Representatives by 228-207 votes.

The bill will now go directly to President Biden. As soon as he signs the proposal, it will become law and there will be no more obstacles in its implementation.

Six members of the ultra-liberal Democratic Party voted against the bill, the report said. Meanwhile, 13 members of the Republican Party voted against the Democrats in favor of the bill.

The report added that the passage of the infrastructure law was considered a major victory for President Biden. Following Biden’s approval of the bill, extensive development work, including bridge and road reconstruction, will begin across the United States. Bridges, railways, and waterways will be modernized. It is hoped that this program will create employment for a large number of people.

President Joe Biden faced a three-pronged approach to implementing liberal programs on immigration, infrastructure development, and climate change.

In addition to the overwhelming opposition from the Conservatives, President Biden was under pressure from his party’s ultra-liberal and moderate parties. The ultra-liberal wing of the Democratic Party has pressured President Biden to adopt a reckless liberal program. Even moderate Democrats have strongly opposed such programs, including a monthly cash incentive and extension of unemployment benefits until the end of the epidemic. Finally, the Biden administration was able to negotiate with the majority members of all parties last night. It was then passed by the US House of Representatives. It is hoped that President Biden will soon sign the bill into law.

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