Basic Steps for Starting a Cow Farming

Basic steps for starting a cow farm

Basic Steps for Starting a Cow Farming

Starting cow farming is a complex task because it requires some basic steps to follow. These steps fulfill the demand of starting a successful cow farm.

Cow farming may be defined as, raising highly milk and meat productive cows for commercial purpose.

It is an important part of agriculture or animal husbandry. Commercial cow farming is not a new matter. From ancient time people raise the cow for milk and meat production.

Some important steps for starting profitable cow farming. First of all, you should follow some steps.

  1. A Proper business plan about cow farming.
  2. Select the space where you locate the cows.
  3. Selecting proper breeds.
  4. Housing.
  5. Care and management.
  6. Feeding.
  7. Milking.
  8. Marketing.

Now come to Details:

1. Proper Business Plan

Planning is a most important matter about all aspects. For starting a good cow farming business proper planning is very important.

Firstly, you should make an idea how you can conduct it. How much you invest your time. How many labors you invest. How many cows you rising and how much money. Basic steps for starting a cow farm

2. Space for Cow Farming

Space for cow farming

Selection of a suitable space is important. Space selection mainly depends on the numbers of breeds you wish to raise.

Space should be suitable for cow rising. All necessary advantages should be provided for proper farming.

3. Selecting Proper Breeds

Selection proper breeds accelerate a profitable cow farming. There are numerous breeds found all over the world.

For example, local type, Australian, Jersey, Holstein, etc. Depending on the proper environment, the right type of breeds should be selected. Basic steps for starting a cow farm

4. Care and Management

Providing good care and proper management is the key step to establishing a successful animal husbandry business. For this reason, always try to take good care of our cow.

Provide those nutritious foods and sufficient amount of pure and fresh water. A proper vaccination program should be followed for them, in order to protect them from various diseases and diseases causing agents pathogens. In this way, you should try to keep them healthy.

5. Housing

Housing is very important for keeping your cows healthy, and disease free. Provide your cows required space inside the depending on the numbers of breeds.

Usually, 80 square feet open space and 40 square feet space inside the house is required per cow. Proper ventilation systems, sufficient flow of fresh air and sufficient light is required for a healthy farm.

6. Feedingfeeding

Proper nutrition should be providing for our cows. Water is the most critical nutrient. The average full grown cow will consume an average of twelve to twenty gallons of water per day.

Grain should be supplied for our cows, such as forage grasses, alfalfa, clover etc. should be providing. The majority of our cow’s diet is hay, which is provided using round bales.

You will need to provide a salt or mineral. Basic steps for starting a cow farm

7. Milking

Milking is very important for conducting a proper cow farming business. You should select a calm and quiet place for milking your cows.

It will be better if you can manage a separate room. You can use both hand and machine for milking. It is very important to ensure that you are skilled for milking.

8. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important strategies for managing a proper cow farming business. All over the world dairy products have huge demands.

Here are a lot of dairy industries which have the great demand for milk, beef also have high demands. There is no other meat flavor that compares to beef.

So, you should follow some marketing strategies before starting this business.

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